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About Tartan Zebra


Tartan Zebra encourages you to mix up your style, and try something new when selecting an art print.

Ever spent a long road trip sharing hopes and dreams for the future?

Our name is the result of such a journey in February 2018, between two soul mates, Rachel and Darryl Veldtman. Hailing from opposite sides of the globe we have always shared a joint vision of connecting friends, empowering others and celebrating this wonderful thing called life.

Tartan Zebra seeks to promote the creativity of contemporary Visual Artists and Designers and share their unlimited work at an accessible price point.

Rachel Veldtman's digital designs form the core collection. Trained as a Textile Designer the work often veers towards the decorative mixed with a passion for travel and places of interest.

Choose from the collection to make a new visual statement in your home, or as a gift that you wouldn't find on any high street.

(And the Zebra? - well he stopped right by our car, on a 2017 road trip to Darryl's homeland, South Africa, and he allowed us to look at him for a good long while! The logo is this exact Zebra - with a bit of 'tartaning' up with the Mackinnon Tartan from Rachel's maternal family line !)
Darryl and the ZebraRachel Veldtman Artist
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