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Tartan Zebra show cases the work of a number of artists...
Hothouse with Butterflies

Rachel Veldtman

Rachel Veldtman's digital designs form the core of the Tartan Zebra collection. Trained as a Textile Designer, her work often veers towards the decorative, mixed with a passion for travel and places of interest. Exploring the fusion of pattern and place.
I hear the sea call out to me

Rhona Osbaldeston

Rhona creates prints out of a love of word play, vintage ephemera, vintage graphics and collage. Images are carefully chosen before combining them with her own original drawings/photos then text is added if appropriate to the image. By mixing the old with the new, black and white with colour, original photos, drawings and text to vintage ephemera the resulting mixed media photo-montages become a meeting of past and present, a contemporary twist on a bygone era.

Monica Callaghan

Biography coming soon.
Elephant Love

Dani Sito

Fine artist Dani Sito is known for her portraiture of both animals and people.
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