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Zebra Riding

Artist: Rhona Osbaldeston
This artwork was created by Rhona using her own photos which she digitally coloured and then added vintage images and wildlife, flora and fauna to create a collage of old and new. The show girl in this image is inviting us to step into her world.
Rhona creates prints out of a love of word play, vintage ephemera, vintage graphics and collage. Images are carefully chosen before combining them with her own original drawings/photos then text is added if appropriate to the image. By mixing the old with the new, black and white with colour, original photos, drawings and text to vintage ephemera the resulting mixed media photo-montages become a meeting of past and present, a contemporary twist on a bygone era.

Digitally printed on 200gsm satin paper.

Please allow 14 days for delivery.

Free UK Delivery.

    • 20 £
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